The Naked Truth Report - Immigration Video Playlist

America’s immigration policies, legal and illegal, have enabled Black Americans to be completely erased.

In all the urban cities in America – majority Black populated cities, Blacks are being erased -- New York, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles and Detroit. Washington DC used to be chocolate city -- in 1976 Blacks were 78 percent of the city, now it’s down to 42 percent – chocolate city is gone. Detroit is going to be totally wiped out by immigrants pouring into the city. Blacks are going to be buried in Detroit. 90 percent of all the businesses, in Detroit, are owned by Arabs. The Governor of Michigan wants to import Chinese from China, to make Detroit the biggest Chinatown in the US – even though that city had a 90 percent Black population.

Since 1970 to now, we have had 45 million immigrants coming into America – coming in over Blacks and displacing us.

If Black Americans don’t get educated about immigration, they will become a permanent underclass. Hillary Clinton wanted globalism — globalism will destroy Black America permanently, despite our 400 year presence in America and 5 decades of loyally voting Democrat.

Please learn the data and get informed.