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Our goal is to reach more people with our message than ever before

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COVID-19 Pandemic: Presents evidence of crimes against humanity in a Grand Jury format open to the public. The goal is to establish legal arguments for the alleged crimes and provoke action among the people of the world to end this tyranny.

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​​​The 2020 Election was a massive fraud perpetrated by a Leftist criminal enterprise. 



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Looming Energy Crisis or Catastrophe?  What is really going on? Ronald Stein Discusses the issues.

Looming Energy Catastrophe


Kathleen's Guest, Michael Calder, discusses the Mar-a-lago raid and its legitimacy. Calder also wrote the book JFK vs CIA discussing the deep state.


Kathleen's Guest discusses America's fall first then rise or resurrection? Read the book to get the answers!

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This Week's Message:

Landlords. Democrats/the Left pump that homosexuals are better than heterosexuals, the poor are better than the rich, tenants are better than landlords. Blacks are better than whites. These people don’t understand human nature — inexperienced and haven’t read much history 

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