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Abortion and Replacement Theory Impact Black America

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Kathleen Wells - Democrats and Black Americans simply ignore the things that don’t sit well with them, as if, that makes things better or changes the facts. In Pop culture, this is taking the proverbial Blue Pill when they need to be taking the Red Pill or stark reality.

Face it: too many Black American thought leaders are short-sighted, starting as way back as the 1960s, at least.

Last week, Afro News asked to conduct an interview with me regarding the leak of the Supreme Court draft of their ruling on the Texas case that puts into question the constitutionality of the 1972 Roe v. Wade decision.

The Washington Journal discussed for days how the shooter in Buffalo talked about Replacement Theory in his manifesto. Also, Dr. Jonathan Metzl who is a psychiatrist, sociologist, and Author, discussed this theory on the Washington Journal. So we can assume that this theory is the theory de jure for the Left.

If any group is being replaced, it’s Black Americans. You should make no mistake about that. Here in Los Angeles, most traditional black neighborhoods, traditional in the sense that these neighborhoods have been dominated by Black Americans for the past 6-7 decades, have been replaced with Hispanics and illegal aliens.

Before these neighborhoods were dominated by Black Americans, whites dominated these neighborhoods. However, when whites moved out they moved up to Hancock Park or Westwood. Black Americans have lost 43 percent of homeownership this past year. Just as Black Americans lost their fathers they in turn lost their percentage of homeownership. It all makes perfect sense because Black Americans have been rolling with the Democratic Party for 7 decades and not benefiting. In fact, like the movie that starred Robert Deniro, wherein his character stated, never give the blacks any money. The democrats have made sure for 7 decades that Black Americans not only did not have money but didn’t have the means or inclination to start businesses either. If Black Americans have benefited from rolling with the Democratic Party for 7 decades, they wouldn’t be facing zero median wealth by 2053 and their homeownership rate wouldn’t be down 43 percent. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out.

The Immigration Act of 1965 cemented that notion that the majority of Black Americans would be in the position of not having the means to acquire or maintain a home going forward.

Not just mass immigration and illegal aliens have squelched the money earning and power of Black Americans, which is outlined in Roy Beck’s book, Back of the Hiring Line, but 19 million abortions and off the chart homicides have decreased the population of Black Americans.

But for abortion, the population of Black Americans would be double. Around the same time that the Immigration Act of 1965 was passed, free sex and feminism became en vogue. Free sex and feminism meant having sex with whoever and whenever and wherever you want without any commitment. Not only does a woman decrease the value of her cookies when she gives them away for free, but she also increases her opportunity of being a single parent or having an abortion.

With free sex and feminism, you get babies born to single-headed households, which decreases the opportunity for homeownership or you get abortions which decreases the population of Black Americans— either way, Black America loses.


The Constitutional holding in Roe exemplifies a larger problem at the time wherein the Supreme Court didn’t use the Constitution as a text to be followed, but rather merely something to be used to get a certain policy outcome.

Thus, Roe’s assertion that the Right to Privacy constituted the Right to Abortion demonstrated the court more wanting to get what it wanted rather than do its job, which is to interpret and apply the law under the Constitution.

In addressing whether the Right to an Abortion exists, the Supreme Court asserted two rights that remain important in our public discourse:

1) Right to Privacy (supposed)

2) Right to Liberty

Roe v. Wade declared a Right to an Abortion as part of the right to privacy. Then Planned Parenthood v. Casey gave abortion rights a new grounding and a particular view of liberty, which remains the standard today well beyond abortion jurisprudence.

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