How Affirmative Action Failed Black Americans

It’s been 58 years since affirmative action policies were initiated by Democrat president Lyndon B. Johnson.  Today, the majority of blacks who are admitted to Harvard are African immigrants or blacks who are 1st generation Americans.  These beneficiary ancestors did suffer under Jim Crow Laws that were enacted by the Democrats.

Black American ancestors suffered under Jim Crow, yet Black Americans despite rolling with the Democratic Party for 7 decades are facing zero median wealth by 2053.  Thus, affirmative action has not benefited Black Americans and is thus wrong-headed. 

Today, in 2022 keeping affirmative action policies is merely an attempt by the proponents of it to double down on a policy that has had unintended consequences, like most, if not all policies from the Democrats — it has not helped Black Americans — its original intent.

If affirmative action policies had helped the majority of Black Americans, the median wealth of a Black American family in Boston would not be 8 dollars.  

When policies have been identified as wrong-headed and/or not operating with their original intent, those policies must be discarded.  It’s the only right thing to do. 

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