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An Andy Rooney Moment: Why Is It?

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

JT Bogden - Andy Rooney was a news writer and commentator best known for his unique satirical style while appearing on the CBS news magazine, 60 Minutes. Rooney often poised his segment with the satirical commentary; Why is it that... In a Roonaical spirit, I pose my own satirical look at the American Political Left.

Have you ever wondered why the Political Left demonstrates such poor leadership skills and why is it that voters keep electing those same poor leaders? Is it because voters cling to a dead script or because our politicians are just good actors? It seems to me that the Political Left is good at acting. Al Franken, for example, was an SNL comedian whose Senate service was laughable too. If you speak with liberal voters they seemed locked in a rerun that was never appealing the first time around. I think they call that insanity when you repeat the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Rossiter concluded that the liberal mind is a deeply disturbed personality in his book. You can find his conclusion on page 330.

Can you think of anything positive the Political Left has done for you? They partner with industries and businesses taking a lot of money from them but contributing nothing positive. Minimum wage jobs are actually maximum wage jobs as companies have to pay nothing more than what the government says to pay you. So, leaving one job for another job to get better pay is kind of pointless. For those struggling with identity, there is now a culture of bathroom options. Quite frankly, a person either stands to pee or sits to pee. And where is the option for about half the population that has to sit to pee? Will Congress take up the age-old debate to regulate whether to put the seat up or down?

I thought egalitarianism was a core principle of liberalism but the Political Left has created a culture where many people are special. How about parking? Parking is not special unless you are handicapped, a pregnant woman, law enforcement, delivery, a to-go order, an employee of the month, management, be there 5-minutes, or even 10-minutes. How often has anything taken 5 or 10 minutes? There is always someone who holds up the check-out line or a problem that takes more than 10 minutes to correct. There is also veteran parking at some places. Okay, our veterans deserve something since most places do not offer discounts these days. The point is the Political Left takes a lot of money, creates unusual cultures, offers nothing substantive, and makes it difficult to receive so-called entitlements. I do not understand how anyone could vote for the Political Left unless voting for ideology.

Let us discuss ideology. People who advance ideology are called ideologues which may be a polite way of calling them, idiots. When was the last time people stopped what they were doing and regulated themselves according to someone else's idea imposed on them? People seem to fight against other people's ideas and idiots seem to forcefully impose their ideology attempting to achieve some impossible utopian dream that no one else cares about. We see socialist governments deteriorate into communist regimes. The movement is always towards tyranny in those cases of human ideas because they are not natural and have to be forced.

We live in a practical world driven by natural order and natural systems. The American Forefathers saw humankind as corrupt at the most fundamental level. They built a system of government that dilutes corruption and appeals to the natural order of a free market and republic. American citizens struggle against who they are to become something better. The natural order is about the individual and their journey in life appealing to the conscience. The Preamble to the Constitution reads that the people are striving towards a more perfect union. We know ourselves to be imperfect with a history of failures and false starts. Nonetheless, we are striving and find confidence in our freedoms, not controls imposed on us and that which is taken from us.

Religious FreedomFriedman on Welfare StateFriedman on Free to Choose

You hear about a time to change but for all the change in the world, there is nothing new under the Sun. Shakespeare wrote in his play, As You Like It, that all the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances... The scripts have run their course and the acting on the Political Left is tiring. I would like to see many of our politicians on the Left take their exits and all the men and women take up the natural roles giving the American story back to its citizens - back to individuals.

Note: Milton Friedman was an American economist who won the Nobel Memorial Prize in 1976. Freidman has been a leading economic voice refuting Keynesian Economic Theory which advocates increasing government spending to pull out of economic slumps. Governments have failed miserably at pulling societies out of economic slumps and preparing for future slumps as most people understand that increased spending must be paid usually sooner than later.


Rossiter, L.H. (2006) The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness. Free World Books: IL.

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