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August 29 EPA CASAC Ozone Panel

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Kathleen Wells & Project 21 Staff Writer - Human nature has remained the same throughout civilization and the Founding Fathers understood human nature as fundamentally corrupt. As an outcome of this understanding when drafting the United States (US) Constitution, they created a separation of powers having checks and balances to diffuse the corrupt nature of humankind.

Today, the US struggles with the deep state which has spread into nearly all vestiges of government. The Political Left in the US Congress has delegated authority to the deep state circumventing the system of checks and balances and even the separation of powers. In short, the deep state has tyrannical authority.

One of the deep state's strong arms is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Technocrats and bureaucrats alike in the EPA enjoy freedom from the limitations of the separation of powers and any system of checks and balances. Avarice, gallantry, revenge, and ambition corrupt the deep state leadership.

John Adams remarked on October 11, 1798, "Avarice, ambition, revenge or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. "

The Political Left worships nature drawing from Pantheism and using science to justify their ideology. This is also known as scientism. Scientific dogma at the core invites peer review. However, deep state technocrats who are scientists having political bias are not permissive to peer review counter to their messaging regarding climate change. If science cannot be questioned then do not call it science. More than 1,200 scientists worldwide have signed a declaration stating there is no climate emergency.

When I, Kathleen, offered my public comment to this advisory committee on June 8th, I asked what justified reviewing the EPA regulations on the Ozone levels prior to the 5-year period, which is required by the Clean Air Act. The act requires EPA to review the scientific data upon which the standards are based every five years, and revise the standards, if necessary. However, today, after reading the lawsuit filed against the EPA last October, I know now that the EPA has not only violated the Clean Air Act, but they have also violated the Federal Advisory Committee Act by firing all advisory committee members and replacing them with all academicians. The Federal Advisory Committee requires advisory committee members to represent diverse points of view, not be influenced by special interests, exercise independent judgment, and have industry professionals as panel members. The way the CASAC panel members are currently constituted violates the Federal Advisory Committee Act, not to mention the Administrative Procedure Act. Furthermore, strict regulations from the EPA do adversely impact Black Americans financially. See Randy Thomas Loves The Supreme Court Ruling In West Virginia VS EPA.

Some people define racism as the competition between groups. When EPA regulations favor one group over others is that unfair practices or racism in the case that Black Americans are adversely impacted wherein they can not compete economically by establishing small businesses?

The climate change saga continues as the Biden administration is leveraging the deep state to usher in the Green New Deal wrought with poor policies and failures. The Green New Deal is not following science but merely power and control over American citizens.

Woodrow Wilson thought an administrative state, like the EPA filled with experts, was the best way to govern American citizens. Nonetheless, the list of policymaking failures grows. Not only is it clear the EPA has departed from its long-standing procedures and protocols with regard to its CASAC panel members and that the EPA is motivated by a mere political agenda but the Center For Disease Control (CDC) has also emerged as a challenge. Given the recent revelations from the CDC regarding Covid-19, their leadership and mandates could not be further from the truth. The American people will no longer tolerate being told to abide by unjustified rules and regulations promulgated through an administrative state. For example, the CDC recommends mask wearing to combat the spread of Covid. However, there is no scientific data that indicates mask wearing stops the spread of Covid.

History repeats because human nature is unchanged seeking power, control, and personal gain. The American forefathers were sworn against all forms of tyranny. Yet, today citizens must now battle against the tyranny of the deep state.

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