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Black Americans Are Punished For Believing The Democratic Party’s Lies For 7 Decades

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Those who will be kind to the cruel will be cruel to the kind.

The biggest conundrum of modern times is why Black Americans vote for the Democratic Party.

Kathleen Wells - The mainstream public has become more aware that the Democrats habitually lie. The biggest lie Black Americans have believed for decades is the immigration lie that the Democrats perpetuate, that they care.

Knowledgeable Americans have learned the accurate history and data ( see, Back of the Hiring Line by Roy Beck) and realize that high immigration has precluded Black Americans from gaining significant income and wealth, despite being in America since her founding because employers have preferred immigrants over Black Americans.

For every 10 percent increase in legal immigration, Black Americans lose 1 1/2 percent of their wealth.

The Democratic Party has deceived democratic voters and Black Americans so deeply that most of the black callers into CSPAN's Washington Journal defend illegal aliens based upon some absurd notion that Latinos, Mexicans, or Indians are indigenous to America.

Not only is this lie irrelevant, but it's actually not true. This lie is irrelevant because Mexico lost the Mexican-American War. The winner of the war gets the spoils of war, which is the land or territory. We can go back to the Peloponnesus Wars fought in Greece to see this notion played out.

Additionally, America was not America when Indians, Mexicans, and Latinos came to the land. i.e., Americans wrote the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, not Indians or Mexicans.

Also, arguably, Indians, Mexicans, and Latinos crossed the Bering Straits 6,000 years ago and are thus not indigenous to the land. DNA tests are not taken at the Southern border but would reveal the origin of these people. And finally, border agents caught illegal aliens coming from more than 160 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, with Mexico accounting for the largest share. Thus, this entire indigenous to the land of America theory or argument for illegal aliens is wrongheaded and falls short of any evidence to the contrary.

Back in the mid-1800s in California, Black American men knew Mexicans were screwing up their job prospects. How did the understanding that racism is a competition between groups become so twisted?

Even further back, Black leaders such as Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglas, Marcus Garvey, and W.E.B. DuBois, understood the adverse impact high immigration had on Black American workers as the article Cast You Bucket Where You are Black, Americans on Immigration discusses. So the question many may ask is what is wrong with modern Black American politicians and intellectuals? The truth is that it is not about the truth, as truth is not a value of the Left. Instead, the truth is that Black Americans are being used as pawns for the Left's political agenda.

The most important and relevant point is that all US citizens, including Black US citizens, should not be competing for jobs with people outside the US. This article, The impact of Illegal Immigration on the Wages and Employment of Black Workers, discusses how illegal immigration suppresses the wage of service and construction jobs that US citizens would perform. Despite the claims by democratic activists and politicians that US citizens would not do these jobs.

There was a relatively recent case in which Black Americans could be employed in a meat packing company when the illegal aliens were deported; Mississippi Meatpackers Start Hiring to Replace Arrested Migrants.

Reparations are the issue de jure for many Black Americans, and there are so many historical flaws to the reparations argument. First, Black Americans gained economic footing after a brief pause on legal immigration. Black Americans decisively regressed economically when they started rolling with the Democrafteratic Party. Why? Because not only did the Democratic Party embrace high legal immigration and the entry of illegal aliens in large numbers, but they made single-parent households en vogue. The baby-daddy business was made fashionable or rather acceptable by the Left. Common sense tells you that a mother and father married and raising children is the best economic scenario for the majority of people, without regard to their skin color.

The Bottom Line: if anyone should pay Black Americans reparations, then the white liberals and the Democratic Party should pay. As aforementioned, many factors from the political left screwed Black America up. Trump and white conservative policies actually promoted Black American success. If you take issue with this claim, then cite specifics to refute with data points, not a mere narrative.

Everyone knows the Democratic Party will never pay reparations to Black Americans, ever. Despite California recently drafting a report on how California has harmed Black Americans; California Releases Report Outlining Harms From State Against Black People This despite Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, who happens to be a first-generation Jamaican American, by the way, introducing a commission to study the issue of reparations. As I indicated, Black Americans have regressed since sticking with the Democratic Party. Thus, keeping Black Americans wanting is a mere political strategy to maintain their power. If most Black Americans became middle class, what would the Democratic Party have to gripe about?

I read a recent tweet from a Black American man that reasoned that there are only two parties and one party, the Republican Party, is 83 percent white. Thus, he errantly reasoned that a Black American man can only be with the Democratic Party because the Republican Party is 83 percent white. That must mean the Republican Party is racist. I call that: circular logic or illogical thinking, if it's thinking at all.

If we follow this reasoning to its logical conclusion: if most Black Americans drank Jim Jones Kool-Aid, this tweeter would drink it, too.

If this is the reasoning of most Black Americans, then this would be explained by the fact that Democrats control public schools in urban cities. You can see why Black Americans are punished and arguably deserve to be punished because they think with their skin color and not their brain.

When you study ancient, contemporary, and world history, you would begin to understand human nature. Therefore, you should not be talking about skin color but human nature.

Martha's Vineyard is chock full of white liberals, wealthy white liberals, to be more precise. Given my points above, would you expect anything less than the immediate transportation of illegal aliens off the island? Defense of Illegal aliens should not be by Black Americans since that is counterproductive to their economic interest.

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