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Black Organizations, Including BLM, Do Not Serve Black America And Never Did

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

When whites were at their worse, blacks were at their best.  Now, whites are at their best and blacks are at their worse — Robert Woodson.

Kathleen - Over time, we have had the NAACP, SCLC, the Black Panther Party, and many more organizations for the betterment of America’s Black populations. The NAACP is not exclusively Black Americans anymore and the Black Panther Party is now defunct. Despite numerous organizations formed many decades ago, Black America is not showing improvements but facing zero median wealth by 2053.  

A third of Black Americans are poor and another third are a paycheck away from poverty.  Clearly, those black organizations have never achieved their stated goal of improving the lot of Black Americans. The more things change, the more they remain the same because human nature remains constant throughout the beginning of time. Let us look at the example of BLM which is no different and just another in a long line of organizations that appears to work towards the betterment of Black America, but fail at an unmatched rate.

Recently, we've heard much about BLM leadership purchasing a bevy of homes totaling 6 million dollars. Another BLM leader is charged with absconding with 10 million dollars. This isn't necessarily a black thing but a human nature thing. However, it's particularly egregious, because we've been hearing relentlessly from blacks on TV, in print, and from academicians or intellectuals how every ill of Black Americans are the fault of white Americans (and white conservatives, specifically, not white liberals), yet the data doesn't support this claim. In the 1930s, 87% of Black American households were two parents which was more than white households. Ever since Black Americans have been rolling with the Democratic Party, they have been moving backward. The prime reason for this is because their households are primarily one parent. Only those who were raised by one parent can't appreciate the benefits of two parents. Fathers make sure their daughters aren't working the pole, as comedian Chris Rock joked.

White supremacy didn't make Black families lose their fathers. The progressive ideology of free sex, feminism, and the sexual revolution encouraged having sex with whoever, whenever, you want without commitment or consequences. Furthermore, if a woman got pregnant then abortion was the cure. Since Roe vs. Wade, Black American women have had 19 million black babies aborted which is not only absurd but immoral. 

Black Americans must realize how politics functions in order to better their lives. In the simplest terms, the Political Left are hypocrites having demagoguery that sounds good but their actions are often to the contrary.

People who fail are never short of excuses that's how human nature operates.

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