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Book: Socialism

Image 1: Socialism by Federer

JT Bogden - William J. Federer is a noted historian who has written a recent book on socialism's root history and modus operandi, Image 1. Federer offers an overwhelming and compelling number of quotes from socialist ideologues such as George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Karl Marx, and many more about command economies and the socialist dream. He also offers just as many compelling quotes from advocates of original intent, representative democracy (The Republic), and free-market capitalism including the American forefathers, economist Milton Freidman, conservative political pundits, and a host of originalists. The Judeo-Christian Gospel's love is far more powerful than the hate advanced by human secularist and their idyllic socialist dream concludes Federer. Nonetheless, details from socialism's origin to modern human secularism are of dire significance to understanding the current flurry of activity.

Socialism's origin began with Plato and his story of Atlantis then has a long history of development through the centuries. In general, socialism has always been a Godless system with accountability to humanist tyranny that places itself as a god. Sometimes it was an individual but more recently faceless governmental entities.

Of peculiar interest is Plato's 'Noble Lie' (Federer, 2020, p 29) and the reference to United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror (Glazov, 2011), as well as the reference to Machiavelli's belief in deceiving people to gain power. These three concepts of the Noble Lie, Tyranny, Terror, as well as deceit underpin the pundits of modern socialism's modus operandi.

First, the Noble Lie is a central or core belief perpetrated by the socialist. Plato remarked that the Noble Lie is a single grand lie believed by everybody (Federer, 2020, p 29). The Noble Lie centers on a relativistic or 'Official' truth which is not an actual or natural truth. The Noble Lie is an imagined truth.

Second, the Political Left is drawn to systems of tyranny and terror. At first, they romanced communism but now have become dazzled by militant Islam. Like communism or militant Islam, the Political Left is willing to use coercion, force, and unlimited carnage to achieve their idyllic utopian social state on the ruins of the Judeo-Christian and capitalistic economic Western culture they despise.

Third, information warfare (IW) is founded upon deceit and uses doubt, ambiguity, innuendo, obfuscation, and lies to deceive or mislead people to believe not only the Noble Lie but every 'official' truth the Political Left utters. America is founded 100% on the Biblical narrative of which the Bible is designed to withstand IW and characterizes IW as the method of the Devil or father of all lies. Saul Alinsky wrote the book Rules for Radicals, a Bible of sorts for the Political Left, that advanced methods and tactics common to IW.

The Political Left's antics do not stop at these three core concepts as they leverage crisis, obfuscate process and accountability, and many other tactics closely align with Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.

Ideologically, the socialist elite and philosophers appeal to an utopian system of governance. The concept of a Utopia was from the beginning and appears throughout socialist thought. In the lay person's understanding, Utopia is an imagined place or state in which everything is perfect or flawless. However, the etymological Greek origin of Utopia means literally a place that is nowhere. In 1516, Sir Thomas More wrote a fictional book called Island of Utopia. A character named Raphael Hythlodaeus is central to the narrative whose Greek name means 'peddler of nonsense'. Nonetheless, socialist insist on a Utopia and with evangelical fervor seek to institute their Utopia in time. Socialism has become a religion for its pundits.

Charles Kimball, author of When Religion Becomes Evil, cites trying to establish the ideal time or Utopian place is an indicator when religion becomes evil. Kimball also cites blind obedience to the cause as another indicator when a religion becomes evil. With blind obedience people loose sight of core principles and values then achieving the end state becomes more important than the means and methods of achievement. In short, the end justify any means necessary.

In conclusion, socialism and its tenets of welfarism, egalitarianism, secularism, humanism, authoritarianism, and a host of other -isms rejects America's original intent that is founded upon the Judeo-Christian ethic. Socialist proponents are zealots in their belief to the point that they perpetrate evil. Everyone has a different idyllic notion how to live their lives. The evil perpetrated subdues individuals to the tyranny of socialist zealots, elites, and the deep state.


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