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Commentary: Biological Males Competing in Biological Female Sports

Updated: Jul 19

There has been much reporting on biological males competing in women's sports with considerable pushback from biological women. This is raising many questions. These women, the top athletes in their sports and in the best shape possible, argue they are weaker and cannot compete or prevail when biological males enter their space. The justice system often views women as weaker than men, corroborating women's claims. Additionally, medical evidence shows lower muscle mass and other physiological differences in the physical ability of females as opposed to the physical ability of males. But many women have long argued for equal opportunity and rights to invade spaces held by biological males since at least 1960. If women successfully isolate women's sports for biological women only, what impact does that have on the liberal and feminist agenda?

Will women in combat roles be removed? Combat is mortal competition and the ability to withstand attrition. When all combat-enhancing technology compensating for physical differences between the two genders is removed from the battle space, the fight not only comes down to tactics and skill, but the opponent will most likely be a biological male in physical combat. Would introducing women in combat create an imbalance such that the biological male in the enemy forces prevail?

Can the Boy Scouts return to the biological boys-only organization? Traditionally, the Boy Scouts fostered competition that mentored and matured biological boys into young Christian men. Would introducing females redefine the Boy Scouts so they deny those biological boys their just opportunity as biological women are being denied in women's sports?

What about that glass ceiling and business or professional competition? Business competition is risk-taking on many levels. Biological women have traditionally been low-risk takers compared to biological males, who take higher risks. Higher risk has higher rewards and potential higher losses, which is why it is a risk. Often these risky ventures are physical, with high stress, little sleep, and sometimes getting physical, down in the dirt. In business, many leaders will be males. Does introducing biological women create an unfavorable or favorable competitive imbalance for the business?

The can of worms the Liberals have opened up is an unbelievable mess. Finding common ground will be difficult in a multicultural, post-Christian, dystopian nation we call America. Nowadays, everything is a special case requiring special circumstances and special treatment, usually under diverse perversity. Biological males competing in biological women's sports will be cast as a special case having special circumstances requiring special treatment to preserve the status quo of other bizarre special cases out there. Ultimately, the only ones left out are White Anglo-Saxon, White Germanic, White Hispanic, White Russian, White Nordic, White Jewish, etc... males or multi-cultural white males. But then, what is white as opposed to what is gender? That is another discussion altogether. Maybe we should be asking not 'The What' but 'The Why' as Simon Sinek would say in his book, Start With Why. i.e., Why is this happening? And then, Who is behind this? What can be done about it? Where do we go from here?

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