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Covid-19 Myth Versus Fact

Updated: Jan 1

Article: Covid-19 — Myth Versus Fact

JT Bogden - This article published by John Hopkins Medicine is dated Sept 2021 and claims to dispel the myths about Covid. But the article seems a bit political. The US Supreme Court shot down mask-wearing on the basis of 138 studies showing it was not effective and that the administrative state overstepped its authority. To date, this ruling has not been overturned on appeal. Yet, groups and organizations are attempting to bring back mask-wearing. The threat of another pandemic lingers in the ethos. SEERS is coming and worse than SARS-2. SEERS is believed to originate via Gain of Function and will leave people, if not dead, mindless vegetables. Will SEERS parallel the Terry Shivo fiasco? Shivo was misdiagnosed, then left a vegetable, and finally, the government ordered her terminated. In Shivo's case, humans erred and humans had a duty to care for her but they chose not to care for her and terminated her life. Will we see mass terminations of human vegetables due to SEERS, a human creation by flawed humans? We need a hard look at Covid-19 to understand what's coming.

The article, Covid-19 - Myth versus Fact, claims that Ivermectin, Quercetin, Vitamin D, and Zinc have no effect on COVID but compelling evidence points to the opposite. Dr. Zelenko has demonstrated that these solutions work. The article also claims the only preventive solution is vaccination but vaccination is demonstrating an increased likelihood of contracting COVID as well as shortening lifespans by causing havoc on the immune system and body.

The attached Swiss study shows that within 6 hours of vaccination the mRNA gene therapy vaccine enters the liver and is transcribed into the DNA. Numerous medical and Ph.D. scholars are commenting that vaccinations are intentionally designed to affect the entire body and seek out vulnerabilities to exploit. Mortality rates and medical occurrences of many conditions have increased astronomically within many groups, especially under 40 years old. Statistics are showing a 1000% increase in neurological issues, a 300% increase in miscarriages and myocarditis, and many other dramatic increases ONLY since being vaccinated. Overall increases in medical issues are topping 1200% following vaccination.

Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Goes Into Liver Cells and Is Converted to DNA
Download PDF • 1.81MB
Download PDF • 2.49MB

COVID-19 is a molecule that has the viral instruction set encoded into the bio-organics. The molecule is about 10 to -9 meters in size. It is a nucleic acid core that has the SARS-2 instruction set with a protein envelope or wrapper very similar to HIV. No one seems to really understand how the molecule is communicated between an infected host and a prospective host. Scholars conjecture several ideas including:

  • The molecule lays in wait and is tactile transmitted then through touch enters via a gland, nose, mouth, etc...

  • The molecule is spread by aerosol means and then inhaled

  • The molecule is ingested and swallowed after loitering in warm food material.

Transmission may be possible by multiple means and maybe by means not even considered. The only source for the molecule is an infected host as the molecule is not found airborne, laying around, or in foods. No studies are available regarding viral transmission methods that I could find. Also, there has been no effort to determine the operating environment of the molecule. There have been no meaningful efforts to install systems that suppress the molecule's loiter time or destroy the molecule while in transmission before infecting a human. The wearing of the mask is the only method enforced but has been demonstrated feckless. Some food preparation operations require gloves and a mask but that has little impact as the molecule may attach to gloves instead of the skin and can easily pass through the mask fabric.

If Gain of Function works by applying pressure to environmental variables of a virus molecule to steer a virus development then those same environmental variables can defeat the virus molecule. I suggest that the widespread installation of biosecurity systems would be helpful. This would include the use of electrostatic dust zappers, HEPA filtration, and UV light in HVAC systems. Bathrooms would be more automated having touchless faucets, flushing, hand drying, and doors. UV lighting, when the space is empty, would also aid in curtailing loitering bacteria and viruses on surfaces. Managing temperature and humidity outside the virus molecules operating envelope would be a better solution than forced masking, shutting down the economy, and forcing vaccinations. But then again, the pandemic was not about the welfare of humanity. The Pandemic was about controlling people and industry.

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