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Down Times Survival Series

Updated: Oct 26

Surviving On A Shoestring With No Support

JT Bogden - This is the lead article for the Down Times series that provides information to deal with the circumstances thrust upon you during downtimes. What you do with the information, you will own. You will be the judge who decides if it is good or not for you. I provide insights, perspectives, and examples not often thought about.

I started the Down Times series not to identify the issues causing the downtimes because most people already know that politicians, special interest groups, elitists, and ultra-wealthy people are the drivers behind many of the problems. Very few problems are because of the course of natural events. The issue is so bad that humanity actually makes up crises and the solutions to the man-made crises. The COVID-19 ‘plandemic’ seems to fit that model exceptionally well. Numerous theory-based crises are floating around, including Global Famine, Global Climate Change, Global cooling, Global Dimming, Global Depression, Global War, and Global Pandemics waiting for an opportunity to be exploited. I commissioned this series to offer solutions for those caught up in the fray but are not participating in any campaign or resistance movement. This is for people who want to survive the bizarre human behaviors that cause turmoil in our lives.

In any downtime situation, there is a need for water, food, shelter, security, energy, and basic medical. I hope to address most of those issues in this series of posts. I may add articles to this series at a later time.

  1. Food Preservation

  2. Survival Foods

  3. Self-Defense

  4. Power Outages

  5. Field Medical Care

  6. In the Wilderness

Please take a moment and let me know your thoughts by commenting after each article. Thanks!

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