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Dude! Where Is My Leader?

Updated: Apr 11

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JT Bogden - Something is wrong. Everyone needs to know about the issue. Books, DVDs, websites, movies, podcasts, news media, Youtube videos, etc... cite experts who proclaim the errant ways providing evidence, analysis, and commentary. In the meantime, money is being made from the calls, alarms, and rallies. However, there is no real outrage. People have just become desensitized to outrage. Books have even been written about this phenomenon sounding the alarm on the Death of Outrage, Image 1! People are simply not listening anymore and there is no progress against the issues being called out. After decades of identifying the same old problem that keeps getting worse as time passes and the calls get louder. The issues are real, the cause is well known, and well-intentioned people are stuck in a problem identification continuum. We never seem to move through the Leadership Process Cycle, Figure 1.

Figure 1: The Leadership Process Cycle.

What is the Political Right really doing and what is being achieved for the good of society? Aside from money being made, nothing is being achieved and the problems persist, getting worse over time.

There is no campaign to fix the issue.

  • No goals are being set

  • No change management plan

  • No stakeholder identification or management

  • No organizational design to solve the issues

  • No mobilization of resources

  • No assessment of results

  • No effort to adjust the campaign

  • No End State or vision

Through videos, articles, rallies and other media; there is an effort to build awareness but no impactful constituency of support. The End State is a fuzzy vision of what people believe should be.

At a bare minimum, the end state should be made clear, a constituency of support should be built, some sort of assessment of needs, mobilization of resources, then assessment of progress toward the end state.

What is the issue in the first place?

The root cause of all the issues is a political faction, The political Left, that has a subversive campaign to impose an unpopular agenda on the general population. This faction is organized by making use of the deep state, a coalition that includes Soro's Colossus and a wide cadre of Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs), as well as subversive groups and proponents in Corporate America to push their agenda.

The agenda centers on an outcome of tyrannical power and control over the general population in favor of Globalism and at the expense of the Republic. This agenda has a wide variety of activities that are often highlighted as some sort of social wrong or makes an appeal to gallantry. Gallantry is the combination of character qualities expected of an ideological hero, especially courage, honor, justice, and a readiness to help the weak. John Adams commented that unbridled gallantry is one of the character qualities that will charge through the safety net of the Constitution. This agenda of the Political Left tends to disrupt, deter, diminish, destroy, etc... the status quo, the American founding, and exceptionalism.

This faction defends against and deflects any opposition or resistance to its campaign making use of psyops and other soft warfare methods as well as misdirected use of existing governmental authority. They leverage ambiguity, innuendo, doubt, and obfuscation to hide their intentions and mislead people. Unspecified ambiguous change is their manta. Regularly they comment that it is time for a change. Saul Alinksy's book Rules for Radicals has become a bible of sorts for this Political Left that is identified as radicals. Alinsky opens his book with an errant Biblical appeal to war and then offers rules of engagement.

Who is the political faction?

This political faction is mostly Left-wing activists, politicians, globalists, and elitists but has placed or co-opted proponents in the moderate political right. Several wealthy individuals, elitists, tend to drive the Political Left. Their movement is outside of the government and co-opting or placing sympathetic actors within the government.

What has to be done to preserve the American Way of Life?

Identify the leader(s) who need to step up and then get organized. These leaders do not have to be elected officials but can co-opt sympathetic elected officials to introduce bills and work on house cleaning within the government.

Leaders need to be charismatic and visionary by declaring an Intent and desired end state. The goals must be reasonably achievable. Then they need to put resources into that effort. The resources are manpower, materials, methods, machinery (means), and money. They need to rally people to the cause.

There will be a response from the Political Left. Contingencies need to be well-thought-out for every action. Leaders must be prepared for a real and difficult fight using tactics, techniques, and procedures that thwart countermeasures to the intent and desired end state.

Conclusion: The United States is under siege in an unconventional and asymmetric fight among political factions seeking different ideological outcomes for the US. The perpetrator is a leftist political faction seeking a totalitarian agenda of conquest. After relentless identification of the symptoms, the time is now to rally opposition against this totalitarian monster. There is a time-tested leadership model and community leadership practices that should be employed.

The real need is for a skilled, charismatic, and committed leader who is willing to advance a well-designed campaign and achieve the objectives. This will require the actions to deny, defend, deter, diminish, deflect, and disrupt the opposition's agenda, actions, resources, and will. The intent is to restore America's original design and stabilize the free market as well as stable energy. Not simply to Make America Great Again but to strengthen the American Identity.

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