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Kathleen's Cause and the Road Ahead

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Kathleen Wells - My cause is "How the Political Left Undermines Family, Culture, and American Values." I want to share with you how I came to this cause and why I am doing this show for you.

My Back Story

I was a leftist because generationally most Black Americans voted for Democrats. In addition, I received the typical progressive indoctrination during my education at UCLA and UC Berkeley. Sometime after graduating college I started The Kathleen Wells Show which also aired on the Progressive Voices Channel. During my time as a progressive, I blogged on the Huffington Post and interviewed many democratic politicians. I also interviewed notable left-wing thought leaders as acclaimed author Michelle Alexander. Michelle Alexander who is a civil rights activist, lawyer, and author of The New Jim Crow was convincing to me. I read her book and believed Alexander's premise that the laws and penal system held Black Americans back leading to mass incarceration. However, when one digs deeper and learns the data you realize that only .0034 percent of unarmed blacks were killed by cops in the last 5 years. Thus, today police brutality and mass incarceration are not the major issues facing Black America. Economic progress for millions of Black Americans is the issue. The data tells the real story, not some anecdotal narrative. Economic progress drives social progress and democrats have for decades had this fact reversed.

The family is the most important institution in society. Why doesn’t the Left promote traditional family values, father and mother married before having children. But for my father, I would not have had the opportunity to graduate from college. I graduated from an urban city school in Los Angeles, Dorsey High School, which did not provide me with any guidance or preparation for college. So I did not even apply to college after high school nor did many of my high school friends. After high school, my father insisted that I enroll in Los Angeles City College which I did. The data tells us if fathers are in homes their children will have better outcomes and that was the truth for me.

Mass incarceration simply leads to more mass incarceration because most felons were raised without a daddy at home. Consider the smash and grab going on now and the increase in violence in cities with district attorneys that embrace social justice.

When I interviewed Congresswoman Barbara Lee I remember asking her about the progress of Black Americans, given that there are 9,000 black politicians. Lee, like so many other Democratic politicians, failed to have any recipe or remedy for success.

The issue of mass immigration and illegal aliens was another issue that forced me to no longer roll with the Democratic Party. Dr. Claud Anderson brought the immigration issue to my attention and the 200-year history and data regarding mass immigration are clear and the exact opposite of what democrat politicians espouse.

Democrat politicians merely use labels and lackluster substance. Anything against their narrative is characterized as racists, white supremacists and that style of analysis is too superficial and shallow for me. The Left never offers any deep analysis of any issue but they can certainly characterize people as a supremacist or racist. All the Democratic Party knows is gimmicks. Democrats consistently operate within an alternative reality that some realize; others don’t.

What did the Black Panthers offer and achieve and why did their efforts not persist. After affirmative action, The Projects, The Great Society, and many other efforts by the Democrats, I realized that there is no evidence of progress for Black America given their allegiance to the Democratic Party for 7 decades. Upon reflection of the issues, my concerns, and my discoveries I joined the Make America Great Again, MAGA, movement and became an ardent supporter of Donald Trump. I recast my show as the Naked Truth Report and adopted my newfound cause.

The Cause

I love America! Where in the world can a Black woman get on the air and speak to so many different people freely. I’ve been very fortunate and blessed to be born in America and have the opportunity to graduate from well-regarded and esteemed colleges. Following graduation, I learned the real-life lesson that college students are shielded from. College students possess utopian views regarding how the world should operate.

There is no doubt, in my mind, that the Left is ruining America because I have first-hand experiences. As a sole proprietor and landlord, the rent and eviction moratorium was imposed then remains in effect until July 2023 placing a huge strain on my life. Having a non-paying tenant for over two years placed the circumstances in a very real perspective for me. In addition , the Housingiskey program denied my recompense of back rent from my non paying tenant and will not tell me why. Isn’t that a violation of my property rights and a violation of the 5th Amendment Due Process Clause?

The administrative state, deep state, or ever-looming bureaucracy is oppressive and irrational as they rule and regulate with endless directives, mandates, and dictates. This monster has become an entrenched authority that is against the citizen.

This I know, many Americans have been struggling for many decades in different ways and on many levels due to the Left's policies, lawmaking, agenda, and attempts to advance the utopian dream that puts them in charge of you. Enough is enough. The freedom of the American people has been eroded away over decades to get to this point. Yet the Left's drumbeat never stopped as Covid-19 restrictions and mandates have brought everything to a crescendo that most people now observe.

The American Left has suppressed freedom with their buzz words such as social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. The Left knows the founding principles of America, why those principles are essential, and why the world envies America. Yet, they reject the founding and want to advance a Marxist socio-political system counter to the Original Intent of America.

My cause is America and how the Political Left Undermines Family, Culture, and American Values.

Why I Do This Show

My listeners are from all walks of life, all different backgrounds, but more importantly, we are all Americans that come to the realization of the destructive nature of the Left. We, you and I, see and have felt the destructiveness of the Left.

Most of my listeners are in the silent audience that never calls in or emails me, but I know you are out there. I know my audience is growing and has nearly doubled in the last several months. I appreciate you and would like to hear from you. I do this show for you because you are America. You, your friends, and your neighbors need to hear The Naked Truth.

My Goals

What is happening now is not what America is about. The current circumstances are not natural and are induced by the Political Left's mismanagement and adherence to their utopian ideology. The road ahead is not a smooth ride. I am using my critical contacts in journalism and social media to get the word out. I need your help to get the word out. I want to expand the show by offering a mid-week podcast and increase my touch on the American Landscape. By expanding the message, we can work to have a better future together.

Many of our institutions have been corrupted. All freedom-loving Americans must work and fight to keep America free. Each generation must take up a fight and the turn is ours to engage democracy and let the people's will be done.

Let us work to get back to being America! Please donate whatever you may afford to help this noble cause of America and my show which gets the message out.




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