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The People's Convoy

Kathleen Wells - This is something I deeply support. The people exercising their Right to assemble, the Right to address grievances with the Government, and their Right to free speech is what The People's Convoy is all about.

Initially, I was going to drive to Barstow, California which was the convoy’s starting point, however, because of a snafu I abandoned that plan.

Thus, Wednesday morning of the following week, of the start of the convoy, I jumped on a plane headed to Indianapolis, Indiana. Once landing in Indianapolis, I caught a taxi to Monrovia, Indiana where I attended a rally at Ted Everett Farm Equipment meeting great Americans who had enough of the mandates.

Then in an overnight drive, I made it to Dayton, Ohio. Hitching a ride with Ben Bergquam and his producer Brad, with Real America’s Voices, we made it to Lore City, Ohio, a small town where we had dinner and homemade pies. I love pies—homemade, of course.

Trucker Buck, from Campbell, Nebraska
Image 1: My trucker friend, Buck

We stayed the night in Lore City, Ohio, where at breakfast, Brad and I met patriot Tracy and her two children, Jeffrey and Lola. Tracy introduced me to trucker Buck, from Campbell, NE, Image 1. From there I rode in his truck across the Woodlands also known to be America's Rust Belt to Hagerstown, Maryland.

Music about America ran through my mind as we drove across America. I heard in my mind's ear Janet Joplin's song Me and Bobby Mcgee as we rolled along the mid-west highways. Then John Denver's song Country Roads cross-faded in as we passed through West Virginian mountains. America is music to my ears!

Let me tell you that every American along the way I met has a big warm heart and a love for America. They crave freedom and know about the principles underlying America laid out in the Declaration of Independence.

What I saw was that truckers have common sense, wisdom, and an understanding of human nature. Unlike the Political Left, academicians, and intellectuals of whom seem to know it all and yet know nothing at all and offer no substance, just mere theories. In other words, the Left is useless.

I cannot forget the patriots I met like Anna Lawson from Arizona or patriot and carpenter Huck from Arkansas or patriot and trucker Alvin from Hagerstown. This venture of mine was eye-opening about who and what America is about.

During the trip, I was on the air and talking about the convoy through numerous media outlets. I’m a member of Project 21 and they wrote a blog about my experience, while I was on the road: Project 21’s Wells Embeds with Truckers on People’s Convoy

Also, I made a brief stop on Newsmax’s, Wake Up America while on the road. That was my first experience on Newsmax: "Truckers are the Heart of America," Says Kathleen Wells After Embedding With the People's Convoy

Did a full hour interview with Terry Gilberg whose show airs on Conservative Television America (CTA) (WWW.CTA.TV) Here’s a snippet from that interview: Kathleen on Gettr

Also joined Jennifer and Grant on The Morning Show to talk about the convoy: The Morning Answer

Here are some pictures and videos highlighting the convoy. The message American Citizens are sending is loud and clear; Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, and Image 5.

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Speedway, Lore City, Ohio
Image 2: Live Free of Die is reflective of Patrick Henry's famous comment, "Give me liberty or Give me death". Speedway, Lore City, Ohio
Speedway, Lore City, Ohio
Image 3: Americans are not forgetting that they are being disenfranchised and marginalized by the Political left. Speedway, Lore City, Ohio
Speedway, Lore City, Ohio
Image 4: Truckers boldly displayed their message to Washington. Speedway, Lore City, Ohio
Speedway, Lore City, Ohio
Image 5: The messages are abundant. No mandate compliance, no tyranny. Speedway, Lore City, Ohio

Please Donate to help keep the spirit alive!

Speedway, Lore City, Ohio
Image 6: The trucker on my left is originally from San Diego, CA but because of all the regulations and restrictions, he moved his trucking business to Texas. Speedway, Lore City, Ohio.

Speedway, Lore City, Ohio
Image 7: Patriots greeting truckers exiting the Speedway to I-70 East. Speedway, Lore City, Ohio.
Speedway, Lore City, Ohio
Image 8: Patriots on the street greeting truckers at Speedway in Lore, City, Ohio

Video 1: En Route on I E70 in Glenford, Ohio

Video 2: En route on I E70 in Zanesville, Ohio

Video 3: At Speedway, in Lore City, Ohio, truckers exiting to get on the road en route on I E 70

Please Donate to help keep the spirit alive!

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