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TNTR Seeks to Revamp Internet Presence

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

TNTR is now seeking to strengthen the internet presence. Our goal is to reach more people with our message than ever before. This is one way we are pushing back against the censoring and control of the Political Right's message by the Political Left. Simply put, we are not going to let them win or have any victories! This is a brisk paced but stable process we are undergoing. You will see incremental changes as we better situate ourselves. These are some of the changes we are considering:

  • A clean crisp, easy to read website layout.

  • A new logo for the show.

  • The introduction of new features like a blog and newsletter.

Get ready for big changes. As we make changes we are going to learn what works and we need your feedback! Please let us know how you like the changes and what features you would like to see.

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