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What Does A Liberal Stand For?

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Kathleen Wells - The axiom ‘Give them an inch and they take a mile’ sums up a Liberal well.  Liberals might have some legitimacy, if every issue that they embraced didn’t end up on a slippery slope from voluntary to a mandate then a legal requirement. We start at one place with an issue or narrative they push then over time we have arrived at an entirely different point at the bottom of the slope.  Many examples of this conduct are available. Let us look at a few.


When Social Security and minimum wage started those programs were voluntary. But today, they have become mandatory and brought into law as a legal requirement. The minimum wage has now become a living wage which it was never intended to become. Social Security has been fleeced to balance the budget since President Johnson to the point it is no longer sustainable and may be lost in the years to come.  Both of these programs have caused many problems for families. Social Security redistributed earnings away from hard-working Americans reducing the money to support their families. The minimum wage has caused a shift in employment reducing the number of entry-level jobs for young folks and making careers out of jobs never intended to be career-oriented.

President Johnson went down a slippery slope spending $3.2 trillion on his Great Society and Poor People’s campaign taking much of the money from Social Security. Yet today, more than a third of black families live in poverty and another third are a paycheck away from poverty.


In the 1800’s, W.E.B. du Bois, Frederick Douglas, Marcus Garvey and Booker T. Washington talked about how high immigration adversely impacted black Americans, who just left slavery.  In the 90’s, Congresswoman Barbara Jordan made it very clear that high immigration should be limited to not adversely impact low wage American workers.  Today, characterizing someone as an illegal alien is taboo, despite the fact that our founding documents use the term illegal alien.  Further, the Biden administration was in talks, according to the ACLU, despite Biden denying it, to give illegal alien families six figures per person.


Liberals did not stop at the introduction of homosexual marriage but continued down the slippery slope into a much broader interest that has changed the norm affecting the structure of families.

Today, almost every television show on cable has a homosexual character and reality TV shows have men kissing and lying in bed together. Gay cartoon characters are considered the new normal. The homosexual issue has grown into the LGBTQ movement also known as the alphabet mafia.  Transgender females beat heterosexual females in sports and one is labeled a hater if you call foul. 

Children, in some schools, are being taught to question their identity.  The Government now recognizes an absurd number of identities other than the natural order; male or female.  Children are being raised in 'families' that have these unnatural identities.


When abortions became legal, after Roe vs Wade, a woman could only secure an abortion only after securing consultation from a psychiatrist or therapist, and a few days or weeks pause for reflection.  And, after that, the abortion had to be performed within the first trimester only. Today, they are trying to abort babies after live birth and for any reason aside from legitimate reasons of incest, rape, or medical risk. Virginia allows abortion up until nine months.  Liberals have even attempted to circumvent physician counseling of the patient requiring the abortion to be performed without regard to health issues.  


Black America is suffering because of Liberals who have been a dominant force in US Government for over 50 years.  If America was progressing forward, why are black Americans facing zero median wealth by 2053 and have less than two-parent families since the 1930s? Eighty percent of all Americans, 20 years of age and under are born to unmarried mothers.  The black community has deteriorated to a point that 19 million black babies have been aborted. The majority of these abortions were not performed because of crimes such as rape and incest.


What is going on in these leaders' minds to permit this kind of degradation in our society? Liberal spending bills are not achieving desirable outcomes. Single parent homes are not a winning strategy. Redistributing wealth has not achieved anything and there is no stated objective. These issues are all attacks on the American family.  The family is the most important institution in any society. The best-case scenario is the nuclear family: a married husband and wife with children. Americans should aim for the best and back leaders that support what is best.

As for the Liberal, they do not stand for anything as they use anything to achieve their hidden agenda that usually revolves around self-enrichment and self-aggrandizement. They are seeking to destroy that which interferes with their selfish quest for power and control. American families are the core strength in America. Disrupting families creates people searching for safety, support, and comfort. Do you want a Liberal there to help you after having seen their track record failures?  You are lucky to have been born!  Ronald Reagan said that the scariest words he has ever heard were that I am the government and I am here to help.

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