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Professional Services

The Naked Truth Report is actively seeking advertisers and sponsors. Kathleen is also offering speaking engagements, being a spokeswoman, and occasionally Pro-Bono work for causes she supports. If any of this peaks your interest then continue reading.

Advertisers purchase show airtime and space on the Naked Truth Report website to get their message out. The Naked Truth Report advertising offers base pricing to advertisers as follows:

On-Air Advertisement:  $100/show minute (recorded advertisement)

On-Air Mention:  $20/show seconds

Website Advertisement First Run: $1500/Month (5 shows and includes layout, graphic work, and posting)

Website Advertisement Recurring: $250/ Month (5 shows and no layout work. User may provide ad via Ad Work Form)

Sponsors of the Naked Truth Report provide financial backing in support of Kathleen's causes.  In return for the level of sponsorship offered, the Naked Truth Report can offer many services including:

Announcements of sponsorship to be made in the show's lead-in and trailer,

On-Air mention by Kathleen during each show,

Ongoing advertisement spots on the website during the sponsorship

Spokeswoman and endorsement services

Speaking Engagements

Sponsorship is negotiable and more generous sponsorships could earn more services.

Speaking Engagement slots are available for Kathleen to speak on her causes, views, and current issues. Her speaking engagement fee begins at $150/hr plus travel, room, and board.  Flat rates are possible in many circumstances.

Spokeswoman and Endorsement services are available. Kathleen, on occasion, may endorse your product, services, or cause directly for a fee if aligned with her views and causes.  Fees charged are used to cover operating, labor, and miscellaneous expenses which may vary with each opportunity. Spokeswoman fees begin at $150/hr plus travel, room, board, and incidentals.  Flat rates are possible in many circumstances. Endorsement fees are negotiable and may require personal use of the product or services. 

Pro-Bono work is something Kathleen offers on occasion when she feels strongly about a cause or message. While Pro-Bono work is not charged, Kathleen has limited time slots available for pro-bono causes. Speak to Kathleen directly for Pro-Bono requests.

If any of the services are of interest to you, then please use the Professional Services Contact Form to reach out to the Naked Truth Report.

Sample Engagement Letter

MEMORANDUM for Engagement

Date:  23/11/2022

From: Kathleen Wells, Naked Truth Report, Host

To:  Bob Jones, Widget Inc, CEO

Subject:  SpokesWoman Services for Widget Inc.

I am pleased to announce my acceptance as the Widget spokeswoman for the next year and look forward to working closely with Widget Inc.  As we discussed, I will speak at three (3) widget events for up to one (1) hr each, provide On-Air mention not to exceed two (2) minutes, and have one continuously running website advertisement for the term of this engagement.  Widget Inc. will develop the advertisement to fit 150 pixels by 400 pixels spot on the Naked Truth Report landing page.

Compensation for these services is $_______ plus incidental and travel costs reimbursement. Payment in full plus a $_______ retainer is required to begin. Accounting for any travel and incidental costs will be made at the time of occurrence and then billed to you.  Payment of the bill is expected to be made no later than ___ calendar days from the billing date. There are no other billing terms implied, spoken, or written or discounts applied. For example, 10-Net-30.   A $____ late fee is charged for each week payment is delayed.  The retainer will apply to the final bill and any portion of the retainer not spent at the conclusion of this engagement will be returned.

The term of this engagement is 1 year from signing and dating this document. No provisions continue in perpetuity. If you terminate the engagement before the completion date, you will forfeit the entire compensation and retainer amounts.  If I terminate the engagement prior to the completion date I will return the unused portion of the compensation and retainer.

This engagement occurs in the State of California.  We agree, should a dispute arise, that California-approved arbitration and mediation services will be selected according to California Law, and the cost equally paid by each party. The arbitration panel's decisions are final and accepted by the parties. Any payments or compensation is to be paid according to the arbitration panel's guidance or in absence of guidance, paid in full upon demand.

If you are in agreement with the engagement terms then please sign this memorandum and attach a check made out to Kathleen Wells. I look forward to working closely with you during this engagement.

________________________________________   ___________

               Bob Jones Signature                              Date

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